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What is CalKIDS and why was it created?

What is CalKIDS?

CalKIDS is a California state program that helps children save for college or career training after high school. Children born in California starting on July 1, 2022, and eligible low-income public school students are awarded a CalKIDS college savings account with an initial deposit in it. Enrollment is automatic and families are not required to contribute.

CalKIDS is administered by the ScholarShare Investment Board, an instrumentality of the State of California, chaired by the State Treasurer.

Why was CalKIDS created?

CalKIDS was created by the State to help provide greater access to higher education to all California children. Research shows that children with higher education savings accounts are more likely to go to college and graduate than children without any savings. CalKIDS is a program that can provide parents/caregivers with a starting point to save for their children’s education so they can have a better future.