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About Eligibility

About CalKIDS

I don’t know if my newborn is eligible.

I don’t know if my student is eligible.

I don’t have the eligibility letter.

I can’t find the Statewide Student Identifier (SSID).

I can’t find my newborn’s Local Registration Number.

How is student eligibility determined?

My child started 1st grade but their SSID shows as ineligible.

It says my newborn isn’t eligible.

It says my school-aged child isn’t eligible.

I need more help.

How does CalKIDS work?

How is CalKIDS funded?

Where can I find my child’s Statewide Student Identifier (SSID)?

Where can I find my newborn’s Local Registration Number?

Will I need to provide a Social Security Number or Individual Taxpayer Identification Number?

Which low-income students are eligible for a CalKIDS account?

Will newborns eventually be eligible for $500 or more?

My child is in first grade so why is their SSID showing as ineligible?

I claimed my CalKIDS account and linked a ScholarShare 529. Why don’t I see the additional incentives?

I made a CalKIDS distribution request, what’s next?

Will CalKIDS funds impact my ability to receive financial aid?

Are CalKIDS distributions taxable?

Does a CalKIDS account affect my family’s state support benefits?

How should higher education institutions treat a CalKIDS distribution?

What is ScholarShare 529?

Why is saving for college important?

What if I already have a ScholarShare 529 account for my child?

Who can I contact for more information?

What is LifeCents?

Why does my account balance change?

My child is leaving California before going to college.

My child is going to college outside of California.

I’m worried money in my CalKIDS account will expire.