First Steps Toward College

California Kids Investment and Development Savings Program

The State of California is committed to helping children thrive, particularly by increasing access to higher education.

Next year, the California Kids Investment and Development Savings program (CalKIDS) will provide each child born in California and eligible public school students, enrolled in first through 12th grade, with a seed deposit and possible financial incentives in a college savings account.

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Did you know?

Children with $500 or less designated for college savings are 3x more likely to enroll in college and nearly 4X more likely to graduate than children with no savings.

Source: (Elliott, W., Song, H-a, & Nam,I. (2013). Small-dollar children’s saving accounts and children's college outcomes by income level. Children and Youth Services Review, 35 (3), p. 560-571).

CalKIDS aims to:

  • help families establish a positive pattern of saving early;
  • provide families with the starting point to build assets;
  • use the potential growth of its investments over time to complement the savings made by family and friends in a ScholarShare 529 account or other savings vehicle;
  • support families in relying less on student loan debt when they’re ready to send their kids to college.

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